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Happy February y'all!

Lately there have been so many Heels.com ads, basically on every single website I visit. Saw these pairs of shoes that I am looooovin'! Right now they have this cool feature where you can send your fave shoe to your *special someone* and Heels.com will compose a cute little card for your hunny and email them your desired shoe. My man got his *special* email within an hour.

He bought them for me. 
I love my boyfriend! So. Much!

here's a peek...
you can get them here

So glad Heels.com offers FREE 2nd day shipping, so I will be getting my babies before the weekend! Hooray.

Also, since I posted yesterday about yearning for long hair, I took the liberty this morning to put my hair in a high bun because it's too bouncy to do anything else!
Check out my results:

Heck yeah!
I am one happy lady with a high ass bun.

Off to DTLA to handle some biz. 
Magic Las Vegas is coming up in two weeks.....tryna get in. on. that. ;)

xxoo jules

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  1. hey I'm actually in LB now for grad school, but I go back to the OC once in awhile ;] There's a ton of thrift stores here though, I haven't gone to many of them yet!