dirty 30

Last night was my friend Adrijana's thirtieth birthday. We went to Oceans in Laguna Beach and raaaaged!!! 
I threw a little something together for Irene....her body type is way different than mine and she had only brought booties so I didn't have much to work with. We finally found something after a couple of tries:
Totally should have thrown a necklace and bangles on her but I just didn't have anything to work with!!

 A picture of the ladies and lovely Adrijana in the middle. Will post some better pictures later....we got some GOOD ones!! hahah!!


EDIT w/ pictures
I swear looking through the facebook album was like the last scene of The Hangover, I had no idea what to expect and I was serious when I said we got some good ones!!

As you can tell we are kind of classy ladies.
 - - - - - - - - -

Emphasis on the classy..... ;o)

I love my girls!!


elie tahari spring 2011 runway

love the gorgeous palette and simple shapes. the shimmer and the silk. love it



looking through my old pictures
nothing's great but it's just something to get me up and running and express le style of le jewls!!
h&m dress, h&m belt, pelle moda shoes
at the magic tradeshow s/s 10 in las vegas. this one lady stopped me in my tracks at the circle bar in HRH saying she wanted everything that I was wearing as her bridesmaids attire

betsey johnson leopard bow heels
 this was at a blackberry party in west hollywood. photographer loved my shoes. so do i

steve madden heels

back in april when I visited the big apple. yes I am doing the asian pose in chinatown!

zara cotton and washed silk dress
 roomie's sister's graduation from loma linda dentistry!

 it was a nice day in huntington beach, ca

steve madden boat shoes, audrey 3+1 shirt
we don't always have to be so serious with fashion haha
from 70s night at work!

that's it for now!

under the weather

The weather has been really shitty therefore I am coming down with some sort of sickness. It's cold as hell in the morning, blazing hot in the afternoon, and foggy and freezing at night. I am always sick. 

First outfit post! Nothing too impressive- just gossip night because last night was waaay too hardcore for a Tuesday. Also, for now we shall have to deal with iPhone 4 pictures until something better comes along.! :o)
Oh and Silly also curled my hair last night for the first time since I've chopped it. Wish I actually got pictures of it... looked pretty damn good.





elie tahari
HELLLO world! This is officially my first post as a lil miss blogger. So I guess this is where I'll be posting pictures of me, shit that I love, and shit that I want. please be nice to me. ty ❤