i really like this collection. class and badass.
oh and i really really want this clutch. damn it! I wish i was a baller

who would have thought? a bee and a skull

 it's like the "phoenix" in kanye's 34-minute music video



what i've learned so far for $26k/year

charles frederick worth
the father of haute couture

i wish i lived in the late 1800s. or the 1960s. i want to wear a bustle and look like a gibson girl or a pannier like marie antoinette.
in my 20th century designers class we are going over fashion history and how fashion repeats itself. so far we've repeated everything from togas to harem pants but i don't think the pannier (marie antoinette getup) will ever come back in style. boo :o(

veronica lake
the veronica lake curl

i meees my long hair!!! learned what this hairstyle was called- first featured on veronica lake and best known on jessica rabbit!!

 amazing AMAZING dior

I recently started school at FIDM (fashion institute of design and merchandising) in the merchandise marketing program. i've heard mixed reviews about the school, but that first day setting foot on the campus- not the first day of school but the first time ever meeting with the admissions advisor- i knew.  never had i been so sure about anything in my life!! And that's saying a lot. i'm a fickle person.

 A lot of people are doubting me and scared for me that I will be wasting 40 grand. 
i'll prove em wrong!!